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If you are a U.S. food producer, and you are interested in expanding your business outside the USA, please call us at 760 564-6811 or email us at  We will tell you honestly whether we believe we can sell your product in our markets.
When we sell your products, we will insulate you from any international credit risk. Lynes International Sales Inc. is a California corporation, and as such a U.S. domestic buyer.  We take title to the product when it leaves your plant, you send us an invoice, and we pay you based on your usual credit terms with a U.S. Dollar check drawn on a California bank.  It is our responsibility to arrange shipment and to collect payment from our overseas buyers.  We have been in business for 37 years, and we can provide you with excellent credit references.
These are some of our current suppliers:
Foster Farms, Livingston, California
Golden State Bakery Supply Inc., San Ramon, California
Saputo Dairy Foods USA LLC, Dallas, Texas
Ventura Foods LLC, Brea, California
Franklin Foods Inc., Enosburg Falls, Vermont
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