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Lynes International Sales Inc. is proud to be the international sales representative for Golden State Bakery Supply Inc. of  San Ramon, California. The "GSBS" brand of Aerosol Creamers has been very popular since its introduction to Asia in 1999.  "GSBS" Creamers are packed by Saputo Dairy Foods USA LLC, one of the largest and most trusted producers of dairy products in the world.

Shown below is "GSBS" Aerosol Dairy Whipped Topping, a delicious real dairy topping specially formulated for use on hot or iced coffee drinks, fresh fruit, waffles, ice cream sundaes - any application that calls for the fresh clean taste of Real Whipped Cream. Refrigerated and ultra-pasteurized, this product offers tremendous convenience.

Available in 12 x 6.5 oz and 12 x 13 oz cans.


Shown above is "GSBS" Aerosol Dessert Topping.  This is a smooth, light, clean tasting alternative to Dairy Cream, and can be used in many of the same applications. Available in 12 x 13 oz cans. 

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